#DumTalk The Ben Esherick (Banjammin) Interview

• January 17th, 2020

Today on #DumTalk, I sat down with world-renowned TickTock star Ben Esherick (creator of the popular TickTock account "Banjammin") Join un as we talk all about girls, cars, and the challenges of being internet influencers in high school. Lets #TalkDum

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Dum Talk: The Greg Bodine Interview

• January 2nd, 2020

Today on Dum Talk, I #TalkDum with PGA tour caddie Greg Bodine. We cover everything from, how to become a PGA Tour caddie, the recent Presidents Cut team caption, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson's persona on and off the course, and so much more. So grab a snack, sit down on your favorite couch, and get ready to #TalkDum with me, Preston Hazard!

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Forbes Wrote an Article About Me!!!

• December 7th, 2019

Today on Dum Talk, we cover everything from my hopeless addiction to coffee, Connecticut's wild weather, and Major updates to 'Fundamentally Cynical' season #2. #StayDum #LetsTalkDum #DumTalk

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Dum Talk Episode 10

• November 18th, 2019

On today's special 10th episode, Preston talks about current news, his Christmas plans, and answers top viewer questions! To top that all off, this episode was streamed live from the Green Room at the Pow Animation Studio! #DumNation

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What Would You Do For Your Dream Home?

• November 7th, 2019

In this episode of Dum Talk, Preston finally reveals the name of the band who's composing the theme song for Fundamentally Cynical, talks about how far he would go for his dream home, and so much more!

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What’s up with Google Cameos

• October 26th, 2019

Todays show is all about local sports, what to expect when the trailer for Fundamentally Cynical drops, and the scoop on the brand new Google Cameo's app.

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I Am the Queen of France

• October 16th, 2019

On this episode of Dum Talk, Preston covers season two of Amazon's "Fundamentally Cynical", the new "Office Ladies" podcast, and Don Hertzfeldt's 2001 classic animated short film "Rejected". So grab your favorite pair of noise canceling headphones (unless you driving, then just use your cars bluetooth), and get ready to #TalkDum with your host, Preston Hazard!

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All We’ll Let You Eat Buffet

• October 8th, 2019

Preston talks All you can eat buffets that don't stay true to their promise, the upcoming final episode of "Fundamentally Cynical" season one, and more.

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How I Successfully Created a TV series Part #3 (Ft. Keith Smoker)

• August 12th, 2019

The three part sub-series profiling my journey as a television program creator finally ends, with this very special episode. Today, I'm joined in the studio by our very own, Keith Smoker! Keith is director of writing on "Fundamentally Cynical" as well as co character designer. So join us as we talk, "Fundamentally Cynical", the media industry, and most importantly, good music!

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